Homesickness dream catcher
Homesickness dream catcher
Homesickness dream catcher
Homesickness dream catcher
Homesickness dream catcher

Homesickness dream catcher

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The Dream catchers was originated from the 18th century. Indians used it to capture the beautiful dreams and let the nightmares vanish with the appearance of the morning sunshine. They believed that the nights were filled with various dreams and only the Dream catcher can filter the bad ones and bring them into sweet ones.

❤Unique design: With this macrame wall hanging, you can instantly add bohemian vibe to your room. Ideal for any bedroom, living room, study, office, children's room, etc., and even a wedding and party decoration

❤Good meaning:Native Americans believes the air is filled with both good and bad dreams.Dream catchers are hung in the tepee or lodge. The good dreams pass through.the dream catcher to the sleeping person. The bads dreams are trapped in.

❤Beautiful wall art and great gift:Beautiful wall art and pesfect gift for adults and kids! Great decoration for Bedroom,Kids tent,Sitting room,Balcony and Party.

❤Diameter size:60cm

Product Features:

♥ Our dream catcher is pure handmade. Each process is woven by a worker who has had many years of weaving experience, and only skilled workers can weave such a uniform, perfect and rhythmic grid;

♥ The ABS bead is polished and treated with the color preserving paint.The color of the pendant is bright and shiny, and the sleek and glossy design makes the dream catcher unique;

♥ The feathers are fumigated and then carefully screened to ensure that each feather is flawless and trimmed by the master;

♥ Because of its beautiful design and symbol, both adults and children will enjoy with it;

♥ The dream catcher feather mobile waves beautifully and quietly in the air, it will not disturb you and it will pray for peace and good luck with you.

2. Note:

Our dream catchers are pure handmade, so it is purely normal if there is little difference between each one.

3. Service:

If there is any question, please feel free to contact me, I will do my best to satisfy you